Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I once had a Hoover, but never thought I would own a RED DEVIL!

You buy your first vacuum.  The thing literally sucks.  But thats a good thing.  Its a Hoover, Bissell, Dyson, Black & Decker.  Then one day you become the owner of a Red Devil.  The Red Devil has tremendous cleaning power.  Anything that comes near its wide-cleaning path is subject to the tordadic forces that are created by the will power of the machine.  The container that stores the unfortunate is followed only by the bag that must be changed on a regular basis due to its lack of storage.  The red glow of this Red Devil is only shadowed by the Red Devil that preceded it.  Metaphor over?  Let me start from the first day that the original Red Devil was taken out of its package and released upon the world.

I knew that the first Red Devil, DR1, was a keeper after first use.  For a trial run, I took RD1 to Slattery's Restaurant in Fitchburg.  The table was covered with all sorts of mischief for a new relationship.  My new Red Devil was up to the task.  First to go into the cyclone was the appetizer.  This was followed by the salad, and ultimately the chicken dish.  Apparently, behest to me, the RD1 is also a wet-dry vac.  I found that the RD1 is adept at cleaning the table of all margaritas that are left in the open.  Once the RD1 had cleaned the area in front of it of all refuse, it moved to what remained in my area.  It was only after this efficiency that I realized that the RD1 was for me.  I have enjoyed many years since of the cleaning power of the RD1.

However, I am now the owner of the Red Devil 2.  Though smaller than the industrial version, with a smaller cleaning path and less storage capacity, it is still a machine of the utmost efficiency.  Let me give you examples.

Last night I prepared a serving of homemade pop corn.  I love homemade pop corn, it is so much better than the bagged stuff.  I was looking forward to enjoying the delicious treat whilst sitting on the couch enjoying some boob tube and a freshly poured beer from my awesome homemade keg-a-rator.  As I sat on the couch and nestled in, I noticed a small disturbance in my pop corn.  Low and behold, it was an extension from the new RD2!  I didnt know this unit was an automatic!  I didnt have to aim the RD2 at the pop corn, it just assumed that the mess needed to be cleaned!  And clean it did.  The RD2 managed to remove the majority of the pop corn from the bowl before I could turn off the power.  But that was last night.

Tonight I have experimented by placing in front of the RD2 several items for dismissal.  There are chicken tenders, tomato slices, pickle slices, red pepper, and fried green beans.  So far the RD2 has managed to remove all reminants of supplied materials and is in search mode for more.  This model is also has the wet-dry vac function.  Three sippy cups of milk have met their demise.  I am truly amused by the power this little sucker displays.

I can only imagine what the impact of both units functioning in unison in the future will result, but I remain amused and enchanted.

God Bless Gingers

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