Saturday, April 09, 2011

Im the new guy

Soo, the wife has a blog.  And she uses that blog to post anything and everything that she has created, thought, seen, scoffed at.  So I decided that I should air my side of our life.  I dont usually take part in fluffy and wordy exchanges like these, but I decided what the hell, time to reflect.  And to think my professor from my last class said I had issues reflecting!  Now please keep in mind, I teach science, not english.  My english is wicked much gooder than it used to be.

Sooo, what now.  Do I talk about what Im doing at this moment?  Do I talk about last night?  Do I put on pics of my latest creation at the house?  I dont make detergant.  I dont make fluffy bunnies with chocolate and marshmallow.  I just use it, eat them.  Thats wifey's domain.  I have to leave for work in an hour, so I think Im going to nap.

Ill post something worthy of your short time this weekend.

Thanks for bearing with me....

God Bless Gingers

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