Sunday, April 10, 2011

Make ready the sails...

I was unaware when I started my new hobby yesterday that I would have to rally the troops.  But alas, the inevitable is coming.  Set the sails, prepare arms, batten down the hatches, we're going to war...  But going to war with a ginger is a tricky and delicate thing.  They can be subtle, yet effective.  You have to be on your game.

On a side note: That All-State Mayhem commercial just came on, the one where he is the GPS in a guys car, and makes him crash... That is officially my favorite commercial!

Ok, where was I?  Today I was pleasantly surprised to wake up on the couch with a ginger in my face tapping me.  I sleep on the couch when I get home from work at 4am, so I dont rustle the natives.  I went up to bed for a couple more hours sleep, and when I awoke, a new ginger was there.  But she came bearing two gifts: a large snickers ice coffee from Gourmet Donuts (where they melt the sugar first with hot chocolate, like that helps my love handles), and the shades up to 'let in the sun and fresh air'.  But I see through the ruse.  I have experience.  The ice coffee was to tame my awakening annoyance.  The 'sun and fresh air' were a devious and subtle way to say 'get the hell out of bed and get some work done'.  She's got skills, I have to say that.  And what is it with gingers?  Seems they always know just what to do to stay one step ahead of you.  They are like cats ready to pounce.  They wait for the right moment, just when you first notice, but dont have time to react.

Ooooh, the Extreme Laser Comb for men, from the Hair Club for Men.  It strengthens the hair you already have.  Not that I would need to.  It shoots a laser spread at your decaying scalp to stimulate hair growth.  And people think cell phones cause cancer!  Oooh could it be a mind control device that aliens are putting into action to start the invasion?  Like the TV?  Lets make a bunch of alien films and shows so that when we come they arent surprise to see us as lizards in big ships..

And I digress.... keep your eye on the enemy!

So today she has me making garden boxes.  She makes her own detergent, her own secret recipes, her own candied treats, her own gingers.  I make beer, and whatever she needs to make her stuff with.  Now we start gardening.  I think we are working our way into becoming recluses.

Let you know soon....

God Bless Gingers


  1. Found your blog thru Katie's blog (Ginger #1)! You are an awesome writer! LOVE IT!

  2. Dont egg him on Katy! :)